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“Making decisions about food such as what we eat, how & where it’s grown, how & where it’s prepared, and the community & environment it’s consumed in have great effects on everything from well being, agriculture, environment, political policy, and societal roles. There’s no doubt that food plays a very impactful role—influencing our daily experiences & rural communities—vital to bringing us all together.”

Jessica Baldus


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“We’ve had the pleasure of working with Jessica on several farm-to-fork events where she brings so much positivity, creativity, and amazing flavor to the event. Her ability to work with our local farmers to create menus that are fresh, seasonal, and delicious really helps to elevate the profile of local foods in North Iowa. We’re unbelievably lucky to have her in this area!”

Marie Boyd, Executive Director of Healthy Harvest of North Iowa


“Taste gives our community access to high end dishes and fresh ingredients year round! Love this place! Not only is the menu mouth watering, but the venue has the space for private events and cooking classes. Highly recommend trying out this restaurant!”



“Jessica Baldus exemplifies the type of impact one hospitality establishment can make on an entire community.”

Jessica Dunker, president and CEO of the Iowa Restaurant Association


“This is such a hidden gem!! Such a creative food menu, you don’t feel miserable after you eat! Seriously amazing food, great ambiance and the staff was great!! Highly recommend taking a little stroll to Osage, IA for this experience!!”


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